Our Beliefs & Ethics

Our beliefs

We believe that people are the heart of every organization. People add the value, people bring the joy, people make the culture, people get the job done, and people make the difference!

We believe that Business Leaders have an important task: Creating an environment where people excel and adding value for all stakeholders involved. Whether shareholders or frontline employees, suppliers or customers, or society and the planet as 'the greater good'.

We believe that we can be a driving force enabling leaders to accomplish their tasks. As Behavioral Strategists, we are committed to helping leaders & organizations apply scientific and evidence-based behavioral techniques and strategies to achieve their goals and to create environments where people excel!

Our Ethics

As Behavioral Strategists, we help organizations optimize performance and drive organizational change. To accomplish that we use scientific insights & evidence-based techniques and strategies to positively influence employee behavior.

We strive to do this prudently; ethics and integrity are fundamental principles of our approach and way of working. In work practice, this means we conscientiously analyze people's behavior, while operating based on openness, trust, and equality, always considering the convictions, motives, and interests of the people we work with.

We are averse to counter-productive ways of influencing behavior, such as group pressure and coercion. In fact, we are convinced that exemplary leadership behavior is a fundamental condition for organizational success.

We don't want to change people, we want to change environments to maximize dignity, self-confidence, and human potential through the power of Positive Reinforcement!