Business Approach

A practical approach for business operations

Regardless of your industry, we aim to deliver the highest quality service that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily business. We do not like extensive reports that fail to address your operational challenges, instead, we take a practical approach to your organization and its stakeholders to ensure long-term sustainability.

Step by step towards optimizing your organizational effectiveness:

1 - Introductory meeting and demo. We’d love to hear about your ambitions, dreams, goals, and challenges! Using those insights we can demonstrate in an awareness session how our scientific and evidence-based method for Behavioral Strategy works and how your organization may benefit.

Together we can then sit down and discuss scope, goals and subgoals, priorities, and resources to determine your organization's specific needs and requirements.

2 - Presenting our proposal. After step 1, we’ll do our homework and provide you with the best advice that meets your needs and requirements. We will draw up a customized, practical plan to achieve your goals and solutions to deal with your organizational challenges. We then present and explain our plan, discuss it with you, and make adjustments or changes, if necessary. Once we’ve agreed on the details with you, we are ready toplan for implementation!

3 - Analysis & Implementing solutions. Based on our analysis, we define the current state, gaps, and improvement opportunities. The next step is to determine intervention strategies to achieve that future state. Strategies include assessments, training, leadership development, (on-the-job) coaching, measurement systems, observations, behavior identification, stakeholder analysis and engagement, management tools for behavior and performance analysis, goal setting, feedback planning, and reinforcement schedules to integrate our effective and scientific  Behavioral solutions into your organization's daily practices. The entire process is closely monitored, frequently evaluated, and adjusted if necessary.

4 - Evaluate, adjust, and conclude. Our goal is to enable organizations to apply our science-based strategies themselves in daily practice. Once we have achieved our goal it is time to look back and evaluate our accomplishments. If needed, we will provide additional support and follow-up to further improve, embed, or scale up Behavioral Strategies and so continue to improve organizational excellence and to create environments where people excel!

Does our approach sound solid to you?

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