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Our Behavioral Strategy approach for optimizing leadership, organizational performance, and driving change has a proven track record in every field of business, in successful companies worldwide. Based on the behavioral science called Applied Behavior Analysis and also known as Organizational Behavior Management (OBM), our approach is designed to measurably improve performance through extensive behavior, stakeholder, and context analysis, and by focusing on positive behavior-influencing strategies.

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Are you interested to find out how our scientific approach will drive your organization’s effectiveness? Book a free (online) demo/awareness session for your team or organization. This session lasts 2 hours and is taught by an experienced and university-certified OBM & Behavioral Strategy trainer.

In this interactive (online) awareness session, we love to learn about your ambitions, goals, and challenges! Using those insights we can demonstrate in an awareness session how our method for Behavioral Strategy works and how your organization may benefit. By analyzing a real performance issue or organizational goal (from your organization) you will discover 3 major pitfalls leaders often fall into when trying to influence employee behavior. And you will learn what is necessary to turn these pitfalls into an effective approach for positive behavior change.

We will explain different influencing strategies and introduce you to the scientific protocol of OBM, the step-by-step plan for changing culture and behavior on the work floor!

You will learn:

How to avoid 3 major pitfalls of influencing behavior and what it takes to turn these into an effective approach to behavior change.

Why do people do what they do! Or don't do what they should do (motivation, barriers to change, etc.)

What influencing strategies are commonly used and their (limiting, reversing) effect on behavior, performance, and organizational culture.

How the OBM's practical step-by-step plan is designed for lasting behavior change and performance improvement!

This awareness session/demo is an eye-opener, giving you new insights, and shows you a positive way to continuously improve organizational effectiveness. We look forward to discussing how your organization may benefit.

Start improving today and schedule a session for your team or organization!

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