Leadership Development

Developing 21st-century leadership

As a leader, you want to be one step ahead in an ever-changing playing field and set direction. To achieve goals and make change happen, you rely on many factors, including a variety of stakeholders. Whether you are in the boardroom discussing investments, having meetings with direct reports, or visiting the work floor, to be successful, you have to strengthen your stakeholder influence and make more impact to reach desired outcomes, now and in the future.

Business leaders need to develop skills that drive profitable growth for the company, add value to stakeholders and create an environment where people excel. ViaFormance offers leaders the best of both worlds from executive training & coaching. Our programs for developing 21st-century leadership are custom-made to support leaders in a way that fits their schedule, learning curve, and leadership challenges.



Discover our Behavioral Leadership Expertise!


Research by McKinsey has shown that 70% of organizational change programs fail to meet all their objectives. In 60% of those cases ‘behavior’ is determined as the root cause.

Executives will significantly improve their effectiveness if they embed scientific and evidence-based behavioral strategies into their way of working and decision-making.