Safety Culture Improvement

Organizations aspiring to improve their safety culture are determined to facilitate a substantial change in the way employees approach safety. The objective is to turn unsafe habits into secure behavior patterns and cultivate a work environment characterized by cooperative and proactive people, eager to get involved. Our evidence-based method for building a mature safety culture focuses on positive behavior change in day-to-day operations. Our approach leads to significant improvements in the safety culture and contributes to the success of the organization.

The OBM Safety Approach

The OBM Safety Approach is a comprehensive solution that goes far beyond simply observing and changing behavior on the work floor. We identify barriers and develop strategies that ensure that the environment, practices, systems, and policies support safe behaviors. Our approach is designed to positively influence the behavior of organization members and enables organizational leadership to create an environment that fosters positive reinforcement. We are confident that our solution helps organizations establish a culture of safe habits by providing them with all the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools, ensuring the long-term sustainability of their safety practices.

Your Behavioral journey starts here

All journeys begin with a first step. Working with the OBM Safety Approach will lead to a shift in mindset and culture. Many organizations are not focused on desired behavior and safe habits. We can help your organization launch the OBM Safety Approach in a comfortable and accessible way. By starting small and continuing to improve in the future. Our programs are designed to be implemented step by step, to ensure the OBM Safety approach is practiced and embedded in the best way possible.

Let us find out how to start your Behavioral Journey!

Our OBM Safety approach includes:

Safety Culture Assessments - Defining maturity, baseline, gaps & focus

• Safety systems optimization - What supports safe behaviors?

• Critical behavior identification - What behaviors improve culture?

OBM Strategy training - For (senior) leaders, supervisors, and employees

• Implementation of observation, measurement & reinforcement systems

• Follow-up coaching & support - Securing Continuous Improvement

• OBM Performance Management software tool


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