Transformation & Culture change

“People love change! As long as they benefit from it themselves.”

Whether it’s digital transformation, innovation, or employee engagement - successful execution often requires a culture change. After all, employees are expected to ‘do things’ differently than they did before.

Organizational culture can be described as behavioral patterns that have been strengthened or weakened over time. Systems, processes, and people play a significant role and have an enormous impact on ‘how things are done here’.

What mindset and behavior foster a culture of excellence?

Building a strong organizational culture can be achieved if systems, processes, and people positively reinforce behaviors that support transformation and change. Culture change starts by aligning vision, mission, and strategy with the desired culture (a building block for strategy execution) and by pinpointing critical behaviors from all stakeholders involved. Stakeholders (internal/external) need to be analyzed to ensure proper management and to develop effective communication and influencing strategies. Our experts help you to establish effective feedback planning, goal setting, and reinforcement schedules to ensure and sustain behavior change.

Profound Culture Analysis

Conducting in-depth analyses of the current and future state (functional culture & behavior analysis) helps the organization to understand and explain its current culture and to determine what behaviors need to be 'diminished or let go' and which behavioral patterns are desired in the future state. Analysis delivers valuable information about existing barriers to change, insights into how employee behavior affects culture, and what mindsets and motivations drive employee behavior – or to put it simply; why people behave the way they do and what potential benefits can be derived from change.

Scientific Strategy

Our systematic method combines scientific insights with best practices from business management. It is an evidence-based strategy for transformation and culture change, grounded in behavioral science. It is the way forward to creating a new 'repertoire' of behavioral patterns - the basis of your desired future state.

Discover our expertise for:

  • Defining the future state - Aligning mission, vision, and strategy with desired future culture

  • Training & Coaching leadership, managers, and culture champions in the scientific method for culture change

  • Stakeholder analysis & management - roles, communication & influencing strategies

  • Analysing & explaining current culture - strengths, weaknesses, success factors, desired & unwanted behaviors, stimulating and limiting conditions

  • Pinpointing critical success behaviors for all organizational stakeholders

  • Implementing science-based protocol and strategy for culture change


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