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Demand for change and performance improvement increases every day. Managers and business leaders need to upscale their ability to lead and drive change. Changing the behavior of employees and stakeholders is at the heart of that. To help business leaders enhance their skills, ViaFormance offers highly effective, academic-level training that enables leaders and managers to apply scientific and Evidence-based behavioral strategies in practice.

Leaders learn how to incorporate these strategies into existing improvement and change programs. The effect of these programs will increase and continue for the long term. Leaders will obtain an advanced skillset to achieve their goals and create environments where people excel!

Our Certified Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) training programs are based on scientific principles from Applied Behavior Analysis and Behavioral Strategy. The evidence-based OBM method has a proven track record of improving organizational performance in Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Successful participation in our Certified OBM training leads to internationally recognized certification via our partner APMG International.

OBM Training enables organizations and management to:

  • Identify factors causing/influencing unwanted behaviors.

  • Identify and develop strategies and solutions to encourage desired behaviors and address problem behaviors.

  • Understand different traits and challenges amongst individuals and in groups.

  • Boost employee motivation and well-being.

  • Improve team dynamics and relationships.

  • Predict, influence, and improve human behaviors.

  • Align behaviors to corporate goals and team/organization objectives


APMG Certified OBM Programs

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1. Certified OBM Foundation Training

Discover the secrets of behavior change in this 3-day interactive program. Learn WHY people do what they do and how to conduct behavior analyses to discover behavioral root causes and barriers to change. Find out what motivates people and increases their willingness to change. Learn about the OBM 7-step protocol for change and strategies to influence different stakeholders.

The Certified OBM Foundation training provides theoretical insights into human behavior and practical frameworks in a 3-day training with a lot of interaction, practical cases, and exercises, and it ends with an exam. If you pass the exam, you will be awarded the Certified OBM Foundation certificate issued by APMG International. Request a brochure for more information or apply now to the Certified OBM Foundation training course delivered by our OBM Academy.

2. Certified OBM Practitioner Training

In the Certified OBM Practitioner training you will learn more about behavior analysis and OBM and how to apply this to your performance issue or change program! The OBM Practitioner Training consists of a customized 1-on-1 program aligned to your personal situation, work schedule, and development needs to ensure you get the most out of your invested time and energy. Under the supervision of an experienced OBM Trainer/Coach, you learn to pinpoint and analyze a real performance issue from your work practice, and you will design and implement an effective behavioral intervention to solve your performance issue, realize continuous improvement, or drive change. The intervention is built in the OBM Optimizer, an online case-management tool for developing and monitoring Performance Improvement Plans (PIP).

You’ll develop a 'blueprint' to solve other performance issues and implement successful change programs. OBM behavioral interventions usually show demonstrable results within 3 to 6 months. If you complete the performance improvement plan (PIP) it will be reviewed by a special exam board. After a positive assessment, you will be awarded the Certified OBM Practitioner certificate. Start anytime. Request a brochure for more information or register today.

Certified OBM Foundation-Practitioner program

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Our OBM trainers are experienced professionals, educated at VU-University Amsterdam with postgraduate certification in Organizational Behavior Management as a Certified OBM Practitioner & Trainer/Coach.

International accreditation is obtained via APMG International.        APMG Accredited Trainers have been assessed to the international best practice standard ISO 17024 and are benchmarked against exacting standards.

In addition to having passed rigorous product knowledge interviews and training skills assessments, APMG Accredited trainers are continually monitored to provide exemplary course delivery to customers.

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